KUN Token :
Token Price Max Supply Circulating Supply cold storage
BTC 1 000 000 KUN 300 000 KUN 700 000 KUN

KUN Token Address



During the Crowdsale campaign, KUNA Exchange released its own KUN token, created on the WAVES platform.

The supply of KUN token was initially limited to 1 000 000 KUN. The choice of this strategy is designed to ensure the deflation dynamics for the token.

KUN tokens have several areas of practical application for traders.
To pay subscription fee for Premium accounts with increased limits, as well as to ensure zero commission for maker transactions (0% vs standard 0.25%) and reduced commission for taker orders (0.125% vs. 0.25%);
Premium accounts, paid by KUN tokens, receive an additional dedicated premium technical support service.
In addition, KUN tokens are in used to pay for the listing of new coins with favorable terms for adding each new market:
  • 1000 KUN vs. 2 BTC for tokens on WAVES or ERC20;
  • 2000 KUN vs. 4 BTC for crypto and tokens that require their own node, besides ETH and WAVES.
In our nearest plans - transferring the following payments and activities to KUN tokens:
  • Discounted trades fee on KUNA Exchange;
  • Discounted fee for withdrawal of funds.